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    Based on the material information, separation requirements, using conditions provided by our customers, we recommend the most suitable centrifuge. And especially for flammable, explosive and strong corrosive materials, we will be more serious careful to analysis and research. Then according to our application experience, we will experiment with the materials. On the basis of analyzing and obtaining test results, we will provide our customers with the most appropriate selection recommendations to make centrifuges to meet the separation and safety requirements fulfilling actual working conditions. As for some specific requirements, the production technology department will provide customers with one personalized package service, from the beginning design, testing, to purchasing, production and after-sales service.
    SSB three-legged closed centrifuge, SGZ three-column automatic peeler bottom discharging centrifuge,PAUT platform top suspended automatic peeler
    discharging centrifuge
    In the centrifuge selection process, attention should be paid to the following. And when ordering, please communicate with our sales and technical staff in order to obtain a more comprehensive product.
    Rot-proof performance
    Centrifuge separation of materials in general has certain corrosivity. So part of the centrifuge contacted with the material should achieve corrosion resistance requirements to ensure the safe use;
    Preservative treatment:
    Select the appropriate materials and anti-corrosion measures: the type of structure material (304,321,316 L, and titanium), seals (silicone rubber or fluorine rubber), surface anti-corrosion treatment measures (Plastic-lined, rubber lining, resin treatment, halar surface coating)
    Plastic-lined treatment,Stainless steel material
    Explosion-proof performance:
    If centrifuge separation of materials or environment contains inflammable and explosive substance, such as organic solvent, the centrifuge should be anti-explosive. And the anti-explosive performance depends on separation technological explosion-proof requirements (level).
    Combustion initiations of the elements in general are: temperature, combustion source, ignition medium, oxygen;
    Temperature, ignition medium: As for the separation materials, whether liquid or gas doping in separation process, we should consider the temperature when the mixture enters the centrifuge, to keep it lower than its ignition point;
    Combustion source: On the initial design of the centrifuge, attentions should be paid to the static electricity produced by the operation process of centrifuge drum and constant velocity boot, and the sparks generated by the contact braking process. We recommend taking precautionary measures in advance, such as using antistatic belts and grounding device, using non-contact brake apparatus, in order to reduce and eliminate static electricity;
    Oxygen: As the combustion gas, oxygen is closely related to hazardous areas, which will be our top choice. So we think of replacing oxygen with nitrogen. We use a closed centrifuge filled with nitrogen replaced by oxygen, and nitrogen pressure is maintained at a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of the explosion-proof;
    Explosion-proof treatments: Electronic control systems,Explosion-proof fence, Non-contact dynamic braking system, Static grounding, and Explosion-proof automatic control;
    Mechanical systems: Explosion-proof motor, Explosion-proof lighting, Enti-static belt, and Anti-collision measures;
    Explosion-proof attachments: Nitrogen protection device, Nitrogen line testing, and On-site explosion-proof control buttons (or operation box);
    Explosion-proof control cabinet Explosion-proof button
    Explosion-proof area,Non explosion-proof area
    LGZ platform large clamshell automatic peeler discharging centrifuge
    Electrical control box
    Pneumatic or hydraulic control system
    Nitrogen gas source
    Inlet valve
    Washing valve
    Scraper device
    Fabric motor
    Main motor
    Centrifuge host
    Gas-liquid cyclone
    Outlet butterfly valve
    On-site explosion-proof console (box)
    Nitrogen protection devices
    Nitrogen line detection
    Line cleaning interface
    Watch sight glass
    Explosion-proof lighting
    Mechatronic materials detector
    Nitrogen interface
    Gas-assisted scraper valve
    Gas recoil valve
    On-line cleaning device
    Separation performance:
    Separation performance is the most basic functions of an centrifuge, including separation effect, washing effect, processing capacity, and degree of automation, etc.; Because of differences in material properties, including viscosity, granularity and distribution, density, the solid-liquid ratio of the slurry, it is difficult to determine the final separation performance.
    Separation factor refers to the separated materials’ centrifugal force and gravity ratio in a centrifugal field, which is closely related to diameter and speed of the drum;
    Fr =mω r/mg=1.12 Xωr
    is drum angular velocity
    is drum radius
    For some materials, the filter cake need to go through the liquid washing process in order to meet the requirements; Washing effect is bound up with washing time, washing separation speed, adding form of washing liquid, and washing tube structure;
    A: According to the characteristics, separation requirements of the material, material production, and machine type, choose the most appropriate models (Including the control system: manual control or automatic control; General counters, Automatic control cabinet)
    B: Select the appropriate filter cloth, including filter cloth’s material and mesh count;
    Filter cloth (Common control cabinet, PLC automatic control cabinet)
    C: According to the characteristics of the chosen models, material characteristics and separation requirements, select the appropriate way of charging and discharging;
    Discharge models work schematic
    The application in GMP
    In accordance with the relevant requirements of GMP standards for pharmaceutical equipment in the centrifuge corrosion, we obtain a certain understandings of rot-proof, explosion-proof, medium temperature and workshop purification, etc.
    Sealing requirements:
    Pharmaceutical centrifuge, whether intermediate or finished product, and whether sterility or thallus, in the production process, must be ensured that the isolation of the centrifuges’ internal and external space, in order to avoid cross-contamination. General sealing has the following sections:Machine cover sealing: The cover can turn, so that effective seal must be obtained between the cover and cylinder’s direct connection surface;
    Inlet valve, cleaning valve, explosion-proof lighting, watch sight glass, and drainpipe sealing: Effective and reliable seal must be obtained between inlet valve, cleaning valve, explosion-proof lighting, watch sight glass, and the cover, and drainpipe interface and interface.
    Transmission assembly sealing: Targeted effective dynamic or static sealing should be made in the faying surface between the bearings, spindle and drum, to meet the sealing requirements;
    Driving belt work areas’ sealing: Based on GMP cleanliness requirements, dust pollution must be taken into account in transmission belt. We must seal the driving belt work area to prevent leakage of friction dust pollution.
    Cleanliness requirements:
    Set up a dedicated cleaning device and a full range of cleaning will be made without opening the lid of the centrifuge.
    For the special circumstances of GMP, the general produced centrifuges are used corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and designed as much as possible by a rounded transition structural design, to eliminate blind angle easy accumulated by material and effusion, with a surface mirror polishing;
    Gas source
    Centrifuge pneumatic actuating element is configured in the course of their work, such as pneumatic scraper, gas-assisted scraper device, and high pressure gas recoil device. Its power source is gas, so that gas purification needs to be made to ensure that drugs are not gas impurity contamination;
    Installation and safe use of centrifuges:
    A: After the arrival of centrifuge, it must be taken good care to avoid rotting on its outer surface, electrical machine, hydraulic control box, and electrical control box;
    B: During the lifting or forklift transportation process, we must pay attention to safety and avoid machine damage due to collision.
    C: While installing, the centrifuge surrounding must be left a space of not less than 1 meter installation and maintenance space, and the upper part at least 2 meters (as for AUT / PAUT top suspension automatic discharge centrifuge, the upper installation and maintenance space subject to its specific type); The installation of electrical control box and hydraulic control box must also be considered after-services repair and maintenance.
    D: The electrical control box should be placed in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive gases place;
    E: Explosion-proof button or control box should be installed next to the centrifuge in order to observe the operation of the host, and to operate;
    F: The centrifuge must be installed horizontally, and its installation requirements should be based on its factory manual;
    G: Appropriate vibration during a centrifuge’s normal operation is normal, thus inlet valve, cleaning valve, washing valve, and drainpipe, connected with the centrifuge, should be in soft connection, and reliable sealing and insulation;
    H: The centrifuge drainpipe interface pipe must be lower than its drainpipe, without bending, to ensure a smooth nature of the liquid;
    I: Operation of the centrifuge must be strictly done according to its instruction, with regular service and maintenance;
    J: In a centrifuge’s normal operation, get rid of excessive using, freely improving its speed, putting the general centrifuge into a flammable, explosive, corrosive environment;

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